‘Kiasu’ Singaporeans


here are some of the pictures of rude inconsiderate Singaporeans we have here.

it really piss me off taking the mrt now days. especially during peak hours.It really shows us that Singaporeans are really ‘kiasu’. Talking about maturity, those no brain grown adults who works in a top condition offices really love to be childish when comes to taking a train. Sometimes i really wonder how they get those good salary job. They don’t even deserve to qualify from their exams. They can just block the entrance and push people and not even thinking others might get hurt. I really feels uncomfortable taking a train as the people are being crush together like in a sardine can. Some even would just trying to grab on something to hold on to avoid falling but they are not even thinking what are they touching and where are they touching that can be even sensitive to others. There are even some people who took up a lot of spaces. If they really just want to lie down and sleep, might as well take a cab home right? If they have the money to shop why not taking a cab home?It wouldn’t hurt the allowance. I really hope in the future all these grownups will really use their brains when taking the public transport.


Life is tough?

Sometimes I wonder if life is tough as it might seem or maybe it’s simple but in your own social life, you are making things difficult for you. At this one point of time, when I’m trying to make my own decisions in life, there are two paths infront of me to where I’m standing. One path is curvy but the other is straight. To make my life simple, I would just follow the straight path as to me it might seem a shorter route but ever wonder if the curvy path is might more shorter than the straight as you never see where it lead you to?

I know making a decision is tough as you might be thinking wisely whether you have made the right choice and this may result to stress. Therefore , looking as a whole picture, life is simple as it might not seem but you are the one who is creating all the obstacles that is ahead of you. Just follow your guts instinct and live life to the fullest. Nothing is impossible to achieve and god won’t let u have that obstacle if u can’t handle it. It’s all about testing your patience. When you were born into this world, everyone around are smiling and you are the one who is crying. So live life to the fullest as when you’re gone, everyone around you is crying and let you be the one who is smiling (=


Men Vs Women

Men always presumed they are the better  gender. This has been happening since the early stages of mankind. Men perception of women are simple. Women are suppose  to cook for the them and take care of the children when they are away.  However can we agree now that the men are the dominant force now? Women have gain strength and protection since the revolution of humanity. They now possesses the power to put men behind bars as simple as that. Women now possesses better paying job and tend to be more educated than the men. Why and how is this happening? We men have ourselves to blame. We tend to be complacent of the power we presumed we have over women. We think that the supposedly weaker sex is not as clever as us, but the fact is that women always have the better mindset then men and that their mind tend to mature two years ahead of their age. This means they are more mature and can make decisions based on their maturity and they tend to take a look at a problem and solve it  in many ways as comparison to men which we only make decisions based on our instinct and judgement and do not take any consequences that might happen into consideration. But being men, can we let this happen and let the women take the men’s job? Its up to us to decide what we want to do with  ourselves as we are the that can take control of our own future. So to all men, lets stand up and b counted.

Ps:Feel free to drop any comments about this topic.

WateVer the Day is Today

Sori i didnt blog yesterday yar….so urh…this is the ferz time ever in my pathetic and boring life that im blogging. So if its lame and boring that it drives you mad or makes you want to commit suicide please dun and juz turn the com off…

So…. yesterday was ok but that was yesterday right?..who cares…Today is wat matters..

We learnt alot from todays module and we did adobe photoshop. It was cool S#@%!! man…and ouh…the class disturb me and carv for being gay!!!!…HAHAHAHAH!!!!!! We wore the same pants and almost the same shirt..hahahah…BUT IT WAS COINCIDENCE GUYS!!!!!!!!….anyway..after school as usual i met my gurl…blah blah blah….and today was the first time i got into a fight with her after 6 long years….Haiz!!!!

It is now 3.24am…my gurl is angry and hang up the phone on me an hour ago and she didnt call back and so im going to sleep hopefully tomorrow everyting is ok with me and her..Nyt2 and always think of kinderbueno aan!!!!Ciao!!!!!


WeLcoMe TO mY F@#* Up LiFe PPl…..

Well my life isnt actually F up like wat the title say. i added that just for dramatic effect. i mean what can be so F up in life right??? Except for walking up the hills and MOUNTAINS of NP..but the rest of my life is great actually.. hey..firstly im in NP man..thats cool..secondly..i have an outgoing family..thirdly..i have a amazing wonderful girlfriend.. So yeah.. Im happy with my life.. The best part of being in NP is that i have a great class ..T1DB ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!… i mean where can you find a bunch of guys and gurls that can click as a whole in a day???? We sure did alright. HAHAHAHAH!!!!… and not forgetting my gay S#%T partner Carvey….HAHAHAHAHA…Its been a blast being your friend….Anyway its late now….Its 1.16am and my eyes gonna pop out any min.. So Ciao!!!!! and As always…think of kinderbueno Aan

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